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Fresh Oil CBD Story


At Fresh Oil we are focused on purity. Pure ingredients yield pure results. This is our belief as we provide highly concentrated, pharmaceutical grade CBDs in the purest form available. We believe in creating the best, most affordable CBDs available because we use them for the health and wellness of our own families. We guaranteed every batch of oil for purity and freshness and stand behind our products with a no hassle guarantee. At Fresh Oil, we are committed to providing the purest CBD products for the health and wellness of your family and ours.


The Difference Nature Makes

Sourced from natural hemp organically grown in the USA, Fresh Oil's CBD oil and all CBD extracts are rated for high potency and certified for purity and freshness.
Cannabis plants are bio-accumulators, meaning they pull a far range of nutrients and potential contaminants from the soil as they grow and flourish. These contaminants can be found in products that aren’t sourced from Organic hemp and are not tested for quality at both the source and the finished product. Here at Fresh Oil we ensure the highest quality CBD, by only sourcing our hemp from farms that use organic and sustainable farming methods. We make sure the hemp used as a raw material for our products is certified organic and free of any contaminants including chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Our hemp is organically grown and extracted using a solvent-free CO2 process. This process ensures that Fresh Oil's CBD hemp oil products have only the best from nature.

 Our philosophy is to provide what is essential with products that are pure, natural and efficacious. We source all our products from Organic, Non-GMO Hemp and never use fillers, preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. We consistently test our products to ensure the highest quality and purity. From growing to retail, Fresh Oil's CBD products are extensively tested through our Quality Control team thoroughly. We test representative samples of raw hemp and finished product to ensure authenticity, concentration and purity. Fresh Oil stringent quality control protocols include:

Thin Layer Chromatography Authenticity Identification

Thin Layer Chromatography Authenticity Identification

Medium Triglycerates

Potency Assay for Active Components

Microbiology Contamination (Bacteria, Yeast & Mold)

Heavy Metal Screening

Herbicide & Pesticide Residue Detection

Allergens Screening

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